The beginning

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step. (Lao-Tseu)

KOLNA NEMCHIW is initially a walking club, founded informally and spontaneously in 2017 by Elyes Grar.

The story began with a discussion on Facebook about the benefits of exercise and walking. And with the stroke of a mouse, the "La Marsa walking group" was created on a certain Saturday, August 26, 2017.

Today, and since July 2018, Kolna Nemchiw is an association under Tunisian law, registered in the national business register under number 1607206Q.

The association is apolitical and non-profit.

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An organization
worthy of the greats

From the beginning, the founders have set up a well-structured organization, which strikes a balance between the legal requirements of the statutes and the standards of modern management. This organization revolves around 4 structures:
  • The general Assembly
  • The Director Board
  • The Council
  • Commissions
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The general Assembly

The General Assembly is essential to the proper functioning and management of our association.
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The Director Board

The board is the governing body of Kolna Nemchiw, it is composed of several members elected by the general assembly.

The clubs

To date, Kolna Nemchiw brings together more than 15 walking clubs in 12 governorates in Tunisia, and one club in Algeria.
List of clubs

Each of these clubs is managed by a group of volunteer coaches, who ensure that the walks run smoothly.

The walks of a club are scheduled on a regular basis according to the desires and dispositions of the members.

Also, a club can organize a big walk, where it invites other clubs, or even excursions, hikes...

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Hassiba Akroum

The 1st walker of the association

As soon as the "La Marsa walking club" was created on Saturday August 26, 2017, a first walk was organized the next day at 8:00 a.m.

Among those invited, only Hassiba was present and she insisted on walking. This was the beginning of a beautiful story.....

Hassiba has been doing since his marches with Kolna Nemchiw.